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Land, Housing, and Transportation: The Global Challenge

Strategizing Slum Improvement in India

Basic Costs of Slum Upgrading in Brazil

Market-Driven Eviction Processes: Kigali and Phnom Penh

Decentralization of Argentina's National Housing Fund

Squatters No More: Singapore Social Housing

Land for Housing in African Cities

Limits to Large-Scale Reconstruction in Honduras

Property Rights in Namibia's 'Extra Legal' Settlements

Impacts of Transportation on Urban Poverty in Colombo, Sir Lanka


Regularization of Informal Settlements in Medellin, Colombia



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Nancy Sedmak-Weiss


Volume 3                    Issue 1                    November  2007


Global Urban Development Magazine Editorial Guidelines

Global Urban Development Magazine is published online annually by Global Urban Development. 

We welcome unsolicited submissions of articles of any length, though the standard length of our published articles are between 2,000 and 6,000 words. We also welcome your suggestions for unpublished articles written by other people, and for articles which have recently been published and would be desirable to reprint. 

The deadline for submissions for the next special issue on Climate Change is: February 15, 2008.  Articles, suggestions, and inquiries should be sent by email to

All articles should be sent as electronic files in MS Word. Please include biographical information about the author(s), photographs that may be included with the article, and written permission to reprint material that has previously been published.


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