Building Gender Equality

Women are key players in building and sustaining families, workplaces, non-governmental organizations, and communities. They have a great deal of practical knowledge about how urban infrastructure, housing, and services should be constructed and managed to meet the requirements of everyday life. From the point of view of women and girls, effective design of urban living environments may involve somewhat different priorities in the future. Building gender equality in urban life means including women’s perspectives into all forms of urban planning and development throughout the world, along with essential services such as health, education, sanitation, and security.  This necessary change includes a shift in gender relationships, governance, policy priorities, and the allocation of resources in the public and private sectors and in civil society.  To accomplish these important objectives, women of all ages must provide stronger and more vibrant leadership in every aspect of daily life and community decision-making.


Global Urban Development is deeply committed to achieving the goal of building gender equality in urban life, as a vital element to healing the world’s many conflicts and improving peace, prosperity, quality of life, and a sustainable environment for every person and community. Global Urban Development activities and programs will incorporate gender-based analyses of the impacts of urban policies on men, women, and children. In addition, Global Urban Development will work to create and expand gender-sensitive initiatives and projects, and will encourage and support a major increase in women’s leadership at all levels.


Building Gender Equality Committee
Co-Chairs: Jobeda Ali, Nefise Bazoglu, and Wandia Seaforth

Habiba Al Marashi

Lucelena Betancur

Iman Bibars

Liz Blake

Albina du Boisrouvray

Chandana Bose

Margaret Caust

Hyun Kyung Chung

Louise Cox

Kristie Daniel

Malika Djebli

Marlene Fernandes

Rebecca Ferrell

Pamela Hollie

Bianca Jagger

Paola Jiron

Kate Joncas

Ritu George Kaliaden

Jane Katz

Eve Konstantine

Claudia Laub

Michelle Lawrence

Vivian Lin

Stella Madrid

Gideon Mandara

Andreia Marin Martins

Rebecka Nolmark

Janice Perlman

Glorianna Pionati

Christina Carvalho Pinto

Christine Platt

Laura Lee Ross

Wendy Sarkissian

Nancy Sedmak-Weiss

Nola-Kate Seymoar

Kaarin Taipale

Andrea Veach

Rasna Warah

Carol Willis

Belinda Yuen

Muhammad Yunus

Robert Zdenek





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