Facing the Environmental Challenge

Urban regions are the world's dominant population centers and the main growth engines of the global economy. For effective governance, citizenship, urban planning, and economic strategy in metropolitan areas, every level of government and the private and civic sectors must collaborate across jurisdictional boundaries. Public policy and urban management today generally do not correspond to the reality of metropolitan regions as fundamental units of market activity, social interaction, culture, transportation systems, land-use planning, and environmental protection. Many people across the globe are now economic "citizens" of metropolitan regions, but in most cases they are politically disenfranchised within these dynamic and rapidly growing urban agglomerations. Even stable public institutions are increasingly unable to cope with the vast array of problems confronting the entire urban region, and metropolitan residents are generally disconnected at the regional level from governmental decision-making, democratic participation, and citizenship rights and responsibilities. Global Urban Development directly addresses this 21st century challenge by developing cooperative partnerships among the public, private, and civic sectors in urban regions. These partnerships design and implement metropolitan economic strategies to generate increased prosperity; metropolitan land-use and transportation strategies to invest in infrastructure, manage growth, and enhance the urban environment; and metropolitan community development strategies that promote livable neighborhoods with improved housing, education, health, safety, and quality of life. Through effective and inclusive metropolitan strategic partnerships, urban regions can become more economically productive, technologically innovative, socially equitable, and environmentally sustainable.

Facing the Environmental Challenge Committee
Co-Chairs: Deeohn Ferris, Tom Roper, and Molly O’Meara Sheehan

Michael Arwas

Rob Atkinson

Uri Avin

Vinayak Bharne

Olzod Bhum-Yalagch

Nick Bollman
David Burwell
Peter Calthorpe

Don Chen

Victor Cohen

Rick Cole

Storm Cunningham

Hank Dittmar

Petr Dostal

James Duncan

Yaakov Garb

Santosh Ghosh

Ernesto Gil

Peter Hall

Walter Hook
Curtis Johnson
Jeroen Klink

Robert Lang
Keith Laughlin

Christopher Leinberger

Jaime Lerner

Mark Levin
Azim Manji

Jiang Mingjun

Ricardo Montezuma

Elizabeth Moule

Geoffrey Nwaka

Cornelia Hahn Oberlander

H. Peter Oberlander

Haixiao Pan

Neal Peirce

Morgan Pillay

Scott Polikov

Shelley Poticha
Deependra Prashad

Craig Raborn

Michael Replogle

James Rochow

Maria Rosario

Corinne Rothblum

Igor Semenov

Nola-Kate Seymoar

Gholam Shiran

Daniel Solomon

Jeffrey Soule

W. Cecil Steward

Ludek Sykora

Kaarin Taipale

Lisa Van Well
Dave Wetzel
Gina Whitehill-Baziuk

Nicholas You



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